Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto

What an awesome fight!  In the beginning rounds of the fight, it looked like Pacquiao was losing, but he was just observing his opponent, how Cotto fights.  After round 3, Pacman got him, so the following round, round 4 was the start of the falling of Cotto, since Pac made Cotto see the floor for a min.  In the end, what an awesome fight!

Now, let us see, the match that we have been waiting for…


2012 The Movie

On the day the movie came out, I went with some friends to watch, “2012”.  The hype didn’t really disappoint me though.  Although the beginning of the movie was somewhat boring for me, but in the middle of it, it picked up.  It is very epic, and was exciting from the middle and then on.

December 21, 2012

Mark your calenders ppls… XP

Happy Halloween

Don’t eat too much candy kids…

The tooth monster will eat you!!!

Girl Raped in Richmond, CA

On Oct. 23, 2009, a 15 year old girl was gang-raped by more than 5 men in a 2 hour time span outside her Richmond High School which was her homecoming dance.  There was even people who watched the girl getting raped, and even joined in.  This was reported by a student who heard from other people about the rape…

WTF?!?  The people who were watching didn’t stop or call the police, but someone else had too, and it was from a person who heard from others?  In my opinion, the people who participated in this act should suffer, but that would not gain anything.  I think they should get sentence to prison for 20 years or more for what they have committed.  One of the men were captured though, for a bail of $800,000.  As for the audience who watched what was going on, even though all they did was watch, should probably get community service or something.  All of these people who was associated with the gang-rape from the looking at it, to actually doing it are all b*tches. or


Paranormal Hype

On October 23, 2009, I watched the hyped up movie, Paranormal Activity.  I expected more from it, but the only thing that made me really scared was at the ending of the movie.  Although, on the way back from the movies to my house, I started trippin for a bit because I kept on thinking about the events in the movie.  I even slept early for a couple of days.  So, if you have 10 bucks to kill, go ahead and watch it, it’s not all that scary, but perhaps if you keep on thinking about it after, you might get paranoid.


-Sleep before 3am kids!

$79 Million To Bomb The Moon…

On friday, NASA landed an unmanned spacecraft to the moon that was launched in June of 2009.  It will basically try to find if there is water or ice in the moon, but for $79 million from tax payers???  Uhh, I think using that money to give water to the thirsty would be a better idea right?  I still think that exploring the moon is cool and everything, but we, as in the Earth, is somewhat in the red-zone don’t you think?  From Global Warming, to the Economic problem, to wars, and beyond!  But, this is from the top of my head.  I don’t know what I am feeling about this later on… XP

Ohh fat cats….lol

2009-2010 Senior Picnic!!!

Check out the video of Mount Diablo High School Senior Picnic class of 2010!!!

It was a chill day!

$130 PS3 Installation YEAH!!!

For a cheap $130, Best Buy’s GEEK SQUAD can install your Playstation 3!!!  That is so amazing!  I read something about this on Gizmodo, but today, I was watching sxephil on youtube, and he mentioned about the $130 installation for a PS3!!!

I also read the link, so I guess its true!  You can have Geek Squad open your PS3 box, (unless it’s already opened) and plug the PS3 into a wall socket, and your TV!!  Can humans actually do that?!? It’s like…WOW.. .. …(CB)

Go and get Geek Squad’s help!  It’s FRANKly Sarcastic!!!

Update on Taylor West

Taylor was on The View, and she looks the same as if Kanye didn’t even pull off the stunt on the VMAs.  She was calm and cool about it.  On the other hand, Kanye West was on Jay Leno, and apologized to Taylor.  He also posted on his website after the VMA’s that he was sorry, although Kanye has not apologized to Taylor face to face, or even sent her a email, tweet, etc.  Let’s see where this leads…

he he he…

o and, Pres. Obama called him a jackass…haha…

Zune HD!!!

The Zune HD just came out, and so far from the reviews I’m hearing and seeing, it looks pretty clean!!!  It reminds me of the iPod Touch, but it looks sleeker to me for some reason… lol  The feature that “WOWED” me the most was the add on of the internet browser!  Although you need wifi to go online, it is great that Microsoft enabled a browser on its device.  So far, it is not as fast as the ipod Touch/Phone browser, it is still a + for me!

Zune HD…  It now has a HUGE!!!……. …. .. .

Definition…  720p baby…lol